Jeremiah's House operates in partnership with the Orchids Of Light Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to the causes of injustice and poverty. The foundation builds a community of engaged philanthropists and volunteers and then connects them to a screened portfolio of charitable organizations. Orchids’ focus is raising funds, providing volunteers and delivering moral leadership and mentoring to early stage social welfare organizations around the globe who are not sufficiently funded and who are engaged and working toward self-sustainability. All donations to Jeremiah's House are 100% tax deductible, collected and audited through the Orchids of Light Foundation which is committed to transparency and public reporting on where and how every donation is applied.


Through the power of child sponsorship, we have ensured that each Jeremiah's House child will realize his dreams by transforming his life and the future we all share. Your donation will directly benefit our ongoing effort to maintain the boys’ safety, clean water, nutrition, healthcare, and educational needs. Donations are pooled for maximum impact addressing specific needs of the community such as relief, rehabilitation, job training, protection and the sharing of God's love.


Youroiclev, age 10

(Pronunciation is YOU-Y-Cliff)
Youroiclev is the second oldest in a family of 4. He was not able to school. He used to go help with construction so he could get food and sometimes be a “sitter”, meaning he would watch over goats. His job was to feed the goats, walk them to water, and make sure nothing attacked them. (Could you imagine doing that all day when you were ten? 😢) He has never been to school. He used to walk for hours just to get water for his family. He is a hard worker and he dreams of become an engineer.


Jikerson, age 8

(Pronounciation is  JEEK-ER-SON)

JIKERSON has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. He has never been to school. He used to be a “sitter” for goats all day, while other kids would go to school. 😢 He is the last boy of his family and has been orphaned by his parents who are unable to care for him due to extreme poverty.


Wolson, age 9

Wolson's mom died when he was a baby. He used to live with his dad but his dad can’t function well because he has a drinking problem. He lived in the same neighborhood with Dervens and Beethoven. When Berdy went to see Dervens and Beethoven he met Wolson’s dad, and he asked him to take care of Wolson. His dad had no money, no mom to help take care of him, and he had never put him in school. Berdy agreed to take him because his living conditions and situation we so dire.😢


Emanuel age 7

Emanuel doesn’t have a dad, and his mom had no way to take care of him due to extreme poverty. He lived in a ghetto in Port au Prince before moving into Jeremiah's House. Emanuel is really smart and smiles a lot! He loves math and he would like to become a pastor when he grows up..



Wangley has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. He has never been to school. He family home is far from the city so he often walked 2 hours before he got a tap tap (Haiti bus system) to come to Jeremiah’s house. His mom was trying to raise him by herself and she couldn’t take care him. She asked Jeremiah’s House to take him and we did. He loves to dance and laugh.


Ovenson, age 8

(Pronunciation OV-EN-son)
Ovenson is the oldest in his family. He has never been to school. He worked in the fields helping farmers, so he could eat! 😢 He worked very hard since a very young age. He also was a “sitter” for goats.


Dervins, Age 11

Dervins is the oldest of the boys and is 11-years old. He thought he was 10, until Berdy got the paperwork that shows he is actually 11! It’s very common in Haiti for kids to not know there exact ages. 😌 Dervins is true orphan and was living in a shelter and being severly abuse along with his younger brother Beethoven. He is very shy and nervous but is beginning to come out of his shell now that he is safe and being cared for at Jermiah's House.


Beethoven, Age 7

Beethoven is Dervins little brother. They were living at a shelter and were not being treated well at all. Both were getting physically abused. 😢 He has never been in school but will start soon. He is already starting to change so much in how he looks now that he is getting proper nutrition and love at Jeremiah's House.